Swimming Pool Cracks and Leak Repairs

How Austech Repairs Swimming Pool Cracks

Torque Lock Structural Systems was invented in 2005, by an Austech affiliate. Swimming pool cracks can appear in the floor and wall tiles of the pool.  Pool leak repair involving cracks in the pool structure has long been attempted by injecting repair cement or epoxy into the crack. This method of sealing pool water leaks has often been short-lived and unsatisfactory, as cracks in pool concrete are dynamic and continue to widen with the passage of time.

Eventually, the widening crack fractures the epoxy or cement repair and the swimming pool leak resumes. The Torque Lock Staple technology invented by Austech Pools has solved this longstanding problem of pool crack repair.

For many pool companies in the United States and abroad, Torque Lock has become the pool crack repair gold standard to remedy pool water leaks associated with masonry cracks. So effective, in fact, it’s now used in many concrete structures outside of the swimming pool industry.

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Why We're Austin's Best Pool Leak Detection Company

High Tech Audio Equipment

We use high tech audio equipment that our competitors wish they had! As Austin's best pool leak detection company, we find the leaks that other can't. By listening to water flow and implementing other sonic pinging techniques, we will find the leak in your pool or spa, and you will be taken through the process step by step to explain where your leak is and the possible solutions to fix the issue!

Years Of Experience

Other companies can't match us here! We have years of experience detecting leaks in pools and finding those pesky leaks all too common in spas or hot tubs. When it comes to finding tough leaks, years of experience has no substitute and will lead us to the leaks the other guys missed!

Superior Customer Service

Austech Pools really cares about customer satisfaction and we make it our top priority. We know that when you choose us for your pool leak detection in Austin, you can take comfort in the fact that we explain where your leak is and the steps required to fix it. No hidden fees or extras and true personal customer service makes the difference.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection in Austin, Texas

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